Go Hence Unto A Swift And Bitter Death

by Lesser Life

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Pavel Kohout
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Pavel Kohout Still the best material from the band to date. Twisted mix of black metal, grindcore and even downtempo-hardcore breakdowns. Innovative and suicidal. 9/10 Favorite track: Cursed Under Cloud And Sky.
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Recorded by Kris Hilbert at Legitimate Business in Greensboro NC
Art by Thomas Sara
Songs 1,2,3,5 and all lyrics by Lesser Life
Song 4 by James Storelli
Special thanks to Dustin Horton, Jeremy Shaffer, Jordan Noe, Jake Jones, and Laura Greenwood of Primitive Ways Records


released June 19, 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: Pallid Procession
Man: I can taste myself rotting from the inside. This place smells of the passing I never came to terms with. I watch the shadows growing towards my room. I watch the sun set – light fades – knowing this sinking goes both ways. Feeling nothing. No one’s coming. (Guest Vocals: Jake Jones) A pale parade of faces goes dancing behind my lids, pulsating namelessly in gaudy masks of flesh. Dear friends and family, it’s been so long since I have seen your smiles. You’ve all gone floating into gray.
Track Name: Prostrate At The Foot Of The Black Monarch
Death: I have watched you writhe and choke, brought low by the weight of my gaze. As you’ve grown you have groaned and moved closer and closer to the hand that encloses your days. You writhe in the dirt and you flee from my name, yet I lust after you all the same. I long to drain you of the hope you hold like a wavering candle against the unending night. No matter your beginning, you will grovel before the end. Prostrate at the foot of the black monarch, you become as you were meant to be. Ignominious husk, shirk not your obeisance unto me. Conceit in persistence. Take your life. I am the true and only god. Old man, I am your first and final friend.
Track Name: Waning
Man: The tremulous beating beneath my chest reminds me that death is infinitely preferable to anything life holds for me. There is nothing waiting for me. Sunken eyes, pale skin, frail frame, dead gaze, feel nothing but revulsion for the audacity of continuing to live. My thoughts turn to the length of rope that could carry me away. Salvation. I look forward to the embrace of decay – the dirt kissing my pores. I can’t think of a single reason to take another breath, yet still I hesitate to make my body into an offering. My body to the grave.
Track Name: Cursed Under Cloud And Sky
Death: “What can be more absurd than choosing to carry a burden that one really wants to throw to the ground? To detest, and yet to strive to preserve your existence?” You reek of hypocrisy. I hear the creak of your bones and sense their longing to be released, betrayed to me by your own body. Lay them down, let them go. I feel the depth of your sorrow and marvel at such absurdity, an endeavor marred by failure and strife held yet so sacred. Go hence unto a swift and bitter death, released from the tyranny of cloud and sky. Go hence unto a swift and bitter death with prayers of thanks upon your lips. There is a rift in humankind that nothing in this world can fill, a chasm that beckons to come embrace its deepest trench. And from this void I summon thee with tender voice and cold caress to fling yourself with joy into the maw from whence you came. The harshest trial you will ever face is continuing to live. The sweetest bliss you’ll know, to overcome your hesitance.
Track Name: Consuming Horizon
Man: I welcome now the noose. Breathing in spite of the caustic taste of the air was a gesture as vain as smiling just to remember what it feels like. It took far too many sleepless nights for me to bite down and accept my fading will to live. Praying unto the inescapable end, I’m slipping more and more each day. The feel of another’s skin once taken for granted, now my sole desire in this world. Drift through life’s endless rubble, no direction, frail and faltering – to drown in debris. No heat from a hand, no wind from a whisper, just the ache of an absence. I grew old with only ghosts to grasp my hands, with only sobs to sing me to sleep. No blinding light. No restful night. Misery, agony, release. I embrace the end.