MetalSucks​/​Converse Rubber Tracks

by Lesser Life

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released January 9, 2016

Recorded by Will Putney at the Converse Rubber Tracks studio in Brooklyn. Huge thanks to MetalSucks for sponsoring the contest that allowed us to record this track.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Anticosmic Invocation
Transcendent unraveling, unwavering devotion to the end
Disciples of desire profane, drawing down the radiant black
Chaos seeps through the fabric, tearing the seams of creation
A cacophony of demented raving splits the heavens asunder

Devouring disorder beyond this world
Astral paroxysms of rage and grief
Light leaving all eyes
Stars draining from the sky
Humanity tethered to the earth

When sun has failed and moon is dead
The stars shall die in the black wind
The breath of YHWH no longer condemns to life

Anticosmic invocation, calling forth the blackest flame
Ancient mother, primordial Chaos, consume all that has ever dared to breathe