Rest In Shit: A Farewell To Fred Phelps

by Lesser Life

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This track was on a compilation celebrating the death of Fred Phelps. The full compilation can be found at

Recorded and mixed by Logan Holloway.


released September 11, 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: Sadist Of God
Sadist of god, unworthy of life, master of bigotry, sculptor of strife. Architect of ruined lives, bloated worm of Christ’s design. Fuck you.

Scorned by millions, mourned by dozens. Lowest of the earth, you perish in ignominy. The vomit you spewed in open mouths, regurgitated in your face. You chose to live a life of hate, and hate will hound you to your grave.

Deny him the dignity that he denied so many others. Heap vitriol, fire, and brimstone on the memory of his wretched life. Find his casket, dig him up, and desecrate his resting place. This man deserves no empathy, not in life, not in death.