The Light Will Never Touch You Again

by Lesser Life

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released March 16, 2013

Recorded, engineered, and mixed by Kris Hilbert at Legitimate Business in Greensboro.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Writhe
Slithering among the ankles of the innocent, lapping at the taste of their corruption. Man shall crush your skull under his heel, a natural reaction given the depravity of your crime. I shall draw you as poison is drawn from a wound. Castration by fire. This is my verdict, life for a life.
Track Name: Sunk
I entreated for mercy yet none was shown. I prayed for refuge yet was pelted with stones. I prostrated at the foot of your merciless throne and was thrown and malnourished and cursed to a life of despondent rejection of the comfort others find so easily. Wrathful and bitter at the thought of abandonment, I prayed to the sky but was drowned in the earth. I drank of your living water yet eternally I thirst.
Track Name: An Offering Of Blood
Bow your heads in unison to the idols within yourselves. Moral compass so depraved that you do not hesitate to consume carrion like a scavenger. I offer your blood as penance for theirs, and from your death life will grow. I will worship your extermination. Exterminate.
Track Name: Sigil Of Lucidity
Smile, complacent. Hogtied, eat shit. X.
Track Name: Inverted
I harbor in me a night of deepest black. A coal within me burns, stoked by every breath and strengthened by every sight of the silhouetted steeple. Conflagrate, let loose my wrath in a pinprick of flame. Nazarene, my hatred grows in response to his name. If your god is as strong as you believe, let him try to stop me. I warm my hands over the flames of the eradication of your wretched faith. Eradicate the Christian faith.
Track Name: Culling
Stare into the abyss, catch a glimpse of your own face. Darkening every day, your features cloud, distort, undo, tear at the seams. I spit on hated life, yet I cling to her loathsome form. Warped imperfect chemistry, blame your brain, blame instincts. I blame you for hell on earth. I blame you for endless night. Circling the drain. Breath by breath, I am watching you all die.
Track Name: Crown Of Bones
His provenance was falsified, his dominion was greatly exaggerated, for he is dead just as every man shall one day be. The most important man in the lives of millions is decomposing, feeding the earth from which he came. Adorned with the fractured bones of the ones he has broken, a collection of the failures of god. Dejection of the soul, rejection of the one called Lord. Hail the failure messiah. Miscarriage to spare the world. Mock the cross. I reject you, you are not a god.
Track Name: Boreal
Skeletal boughs grasp at frozen breaths. Beneath the earth we used to roam, dirt and pine become my home. Between the trees we used to know, death is gnawing on my bones. I’ve made a coffin of the snow. I decay, seep into the roots, cold weight of the forest bearing down on me. Sickle moon, life relinquished, death embraced.
Track Name: Sewn With Thorns
Born free, shackled in every way. Heated manacles clapped on withering wrists. Hooded and fettered, reviled and loathed. Led to the scaffold (Last of my hope) by the passing of days. (fails and decays.) Guillotine hovering longingly over my head. I live ever in the shadow of Death. His hands around my throat. His grip is dragging me home. One way out.